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Hero of the Empire


When I was in high school, my English teacher told me a story I will never forget. He told me the tale of King Arthur, legendary knight of the Round Table and wielder of the blade, Excalibur. My class was silent and in awe, straining to hear the teacher’s low and passionate voice. Arthur would go on to create Camelot, a city of light, diversity, and hope in an age that had none. As the story went, this mythical warrior helped drive back Saxon invaders and was there to defend England in its darkest hour. He eventually fell and passed away, but his life has been the core of English mythology ever since. Continue reading

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The Daily Show: An Oral History as Told by Jon Stewart


High off the greatness that was Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime, I thought I would continue my foray into audiobooks by trying out The Daily Show: An Oral History as Told by Jon Stewart. With Trevor Noah, I didn’t quite get my fix of learning about the entertainment industry as much I’d hoped. So I figured I’d try out the story of that king of comedy who came before, Jon Stewart, as a way of filling the void. Continue reading

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Born a Crime


I’m guessing that, like most people who picked up Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime, I was surprised when I found that it has nothing to do with his comedy show. I personally know people who turned away from the book when they discovered this and, upon finishing it myself, I have to say that that’s a shame. Though I also expected an amusing yarn on how Trevor became host of The Daily Show, I think I’m ultimately better off for what I read in its place. Sometimes it is worth giving a book a chance to prove itself, and Born a Crime ultimately blew me away on that measure. Continue reading

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