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The Age of Napoleon

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To continue with my trend of recommending history podcasts, I want to share that I’ve found another impressive addition to my growing library of them. The Age of Napoleon is about the titular historical figure, the famous (and infamous) Corsican artillery officer that became Emperor of France and, almost, ruler over all of Europe. I want to call attention to this podcast because of how much the author* goes into great historical detail without making the events of the time period too overwhelming for the layman to understand. To illustrate this point, all one has to do is see how the early podcast episodes have been laid out, broken up into lengthy but interesting summaries of the nations that will themselves become central “characters” in Napoleon’s story. I’ve read multiple books on this time period myself and have been surprised at the level of detail to be found here. Continue reading

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Peter the Great



Since my college days, I’ve always been fascinated with the “great people” of history. Though they promise entertaining stories in their own right, I’ve always wondered in my reading if there are common trends between them all. Is there some specific quirk or two of personality that drives one to do incredible things in their life? Is it simply being born in the right place at the right time? Or is it a combination of factors that I will never be able to fully uncover or categorize cleanly? Continue reading

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